Navigating Worldwide Travel Restrictions

How to navigate all the Covid-19 travel restrictions around the world?
Most of us travel-minded people have probably experienced what a jungle it can be to navigate the different Covid-19 travel restrictions around the world. The restrictions are constantly changing, and are completely different from one country to another.

Below are some tools that can be useful to find the most reliable and up to date information:
To find current entry guidelines and quarantine requirements, you can use the “Covid-19 Map” on Skyscanner’s app or website. Here is how to find it and use it:

  1. Download the app called “Skyscanner”.

  2. Open up the app, and on the from page (Called “Home”), you should find a button in the top called “COVID-19 travel updates”. Click this button, and you’ll be taken to a page where you can search for the specific updates and restrictions on your destination.

  3. To use this function, you simply choose the destination you are travelling from, your vaccination status (Fully vaccinated or not), and lastly the destination you are travelling to.

  4. You will then be taken to the page with information on your destination. Here you can click “See detailed COVID-19 info” to get information on current government measures, entry requirements, what to check before you leave home etc.

In the case, you need to get tested upon arrival, or to get tested before going back home or continue to another destination afterwards, the following website is useful to find a list of Covid-19 testing centers in every country:

If you are danish, the website of the danish government might be more suiting:

  1. Find the country you are travelling to on the list
  2. Click on “Generel Anbefaling”. Here you will find a link to the country’s embassy, in which you can read about the travel restrictions.

Quick and easy tool to find up to date information on each country:
The IATA Travel Centre World Map:

  1. Click the link above, and you will be taken to a map of the whole world.
  2. Simply click on your destination, and you will immediately get an information box containing everything from entry requirements to transit requirements to when this information was last updated.

To find information on the location of testing centers in each country:

  1. Click the link above, and find the country to which you are traveling to on the list.
  2. Once you have clicked on the country, scroll down to the headline “COVID-19 TESTING”, where you will find information on available places to get Covid-19 tests.

Tips on what to specifically be aware of:

  • Always check requirements for both the destination AND the airline you are flying with. Airlines do sometimes have different requirements than your final destination or transit-countries. If you do not meet their requirements, they can deny you access to board the airplane.
  • What kind of test is required, if the country you are traveling to requires a Covid-19 test to enter? Is it PCR or a Rapid test?
  • How old can the test be, before it is not valid anymore?
  • If being fully vaccinated is a requirement, make sure to check if the specific vaccine you have gotten is valid. Some countries for example do not recognize people with a mix of vaccine doses as being fully vaccinated, or some countries will not recognize e.g. AstraZeneca as a valid vaccine.