Norway, the European version of the Canadian landscapes! As expensive as you might have heard Norway to be, as incredibly beautiful it is. Norway is a country fully equipped with extensive fjords and an endless amount of glacier lakes and waterfalls. Whether you’re a hiker or just prefer a romantic trip with a beautiful view, Norway is the country for you!

This guide will be focusing on travel tips in the areas around the two cities; Odda and Bergen, situated in the Hordaland county and Vestland County.

Where to stay in Odda:

City: Odda

Norway has many different cabins located throughout the country, and if you are seeking for the real Norwegian experience, it is a must to stay in a local cabin! A small cozy cabin with amazing views that can be recommended is the one below. It can be rented through AirBnB by CLICKING HERE.

NOTE: If it is your first time using AirBnB, you can get up to 250 DKK off in discount by making your first booking through this LINK. The first booking can be done for any accommodation, and is not only limited to the booking of this cabin. However, if you want to book this exact cabin, and get a discount on your first booking with AirBnB, then you simply need to CLICK HERE and search for the exact name of the cabin, which is “Small Cottage With Amazing Views”.

The cottage consists of a romantic room with big windows from the floor to the ceiling, which gives you the best mountain-lake view to wake up to in the morning. Along with the cottage you will have a huge private terrace where you can enjoy your breakfast and morning coffee. There is also a toilet, which is located in a primitive little wooden house next to the cottage. If you prefer using a real toilet that can flush, you are able to use the shared facilities at the hotel “Vikinghaug” (But seriously, just use the primitive little toilet house. You won’t get a better toilet view than this!). The hotel “Vikinghaug” is located a bit further up the road from the cabin, and the owners of the hotel are also the owners of the cabin, so that is why you are able to use the shared kitchen and bathroom facilities up there. It only takes 2-3 minutes to walk up to the hotel, but even though it is so close the cabin is located exclusively private and no one are able to see you from up there.

Cabin features: There are heating and electricity in the cabin, so even though the old brick and wooden walls don’t look that isolated there is nice and warm inside! So, it is even suitable to stay here in the winter without freezing your butt off.

Useful information when staying at the cabin:

  • Park the car at the lower level near the cabin, instead of at the parking lot of the hotel, to avoid carrying your luggage too far.
  • Remember water bottles that you can refill in the kitchen of the hotel and bring with you to the cabin, since there is no water at the cabin
  • The cellular service is good, but the Wi-Fi of the hotel can’t reach all the way down to the cabin
  • The shared kitchen has all the utilities needed to cook/make food. There’s even a fridge and a washing machine where you are able to wash your clothes if needed.
  • There is not a lot of space in the cabin, so if you prefer to have a lot of floor space, then try to bring a small bag with the most essential stuff and leave the rest of your luggage in the car.

Hiking trails near Odda

1. Trolltunga

Trolltunga hike is a hiking trail that will keep you motivated with one breathtaking view after another to keep going no matter how exhausted your legs are! The scenery along the hike is remarkable with countless of beautiful lakes and snowcapped mountains.

  • Where: Vestland, Norway
  • When: Summer. If you choose to go in the winter it is recommended to go with a local guide.
  • Elevation: 1.100 meter (3.600 feet)
  • Distance: 28 kilometres (17,4 miles)
  • Approximately time: 10-12 hours roundtrip
  • Difficulty: Difficult
  • Cell service: Intermittent
  • Washrooms: Yes, at the parking lot
  • What to bring: Plenty of food, snacks, water and a good pair of hiking boots
  • Parking: You can park at P2, which costs 500NOK per day. There’s also a possibility in the summer to park at P3, which will save you 2 hours of hiking (roundtrip) and that costs 600NOK per day. However, parking at P3 requires that you book the parking spot online in advance, since there are only 30 parking spots at P3. Be aware that P3 does not open until 06.30am. So, if you want to start your hike earlier, you should park at P2, which is open for parking 24/7 all year around.

Good tip: If you want to avoid the tourists and don’t want to wait in line for 1 hour to get your picture taken at the top (Yes, people wait in line to go out on the cliff!), then you should start your hike around 03.30am (Latest at 4am!).

2. Bondhusvatnet, Folgefonna National Park

An easy hike along a lively river that leads you to a beautiful turquoise colored glacier lake. The hike is done on a gravel road and the lake can therefore be accessed by families with strollers. Bondhusvatnet looks like something taken straight out of a unique landscape painting. If you continue further around the lake you will have plenty of opportunity to settle down on a big rock to enjoy your lunch pack.

  • Where: Vestland, Norway
  • When: All year
  • Elevation: 280 meters
  • Distance: 8,6 kilometres roundtrip
  • Approximately time: 3-4 hours roundtrip (Only 2 hours roundtrip if you choose not to continue around the lake)
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Cell service: Yes
  • Washrooms: Yes, at the parking lot and along the trail
  • What to bring: Water and a camera
  • Parking: Parking is free, and you can park in Sunndal where the trail begins

Good tip: If you want to avoid tourists try to arrive between 06.00-07.00am. If you arrive later on the day you might encounter tourist buses. Do yourself a favor and ask the bus drivers when they are leaving with the tourists again. In this way you will know how long time to take doing the hike to the lake.

3. Eidfjordvatnet

Eidfjordvatnet is a beautiful place to stay at if you are camping. It is filled with a variety of camping spots. However, if you are staying in Odda and are up for 1,5 hours of driving to go for a beautiful stroll along the big lake, you will experience walking through beautiful old tunnels on the trail. You are not able to walk all the way around the lake, since the trail will eventually merge together with the highway. There is a biking lane, where you could potentially walk as well, however it is not as peaceful and enjoyable to continue to walk there due to the traffic of the fast driving cars passing by. So, it is recommended to just turn around and walk back on the same beautiful trail when you reach the end where the trail merges together with the highway.

  • Where: Vestland, Norway
  • When: All year
  • Distance: 5 kilometers roundtrip
  • Approximately time: 1-1,5 hours roundtrip
  • Difficulty: Easy (The trail is made of asphalt and is flat the whole way)
  • Cell service: Yes
  • Washrooms: No
  • What to bring: Water, snacks and a camera
  • Parking: This is kind of a hidden trail, that is unknown to the tourists, so finding the unofficial parking spot can be a little bit hard. Heres an explanation on how to find the parking spot that connects you to the trail: When you’re driving on Eidfjordvegen, coming from Odda, and get out of the last tunnel you arrive in Upper Eidfjord. Turn down the very first road you see on your left hand (right when you exit the tunnel), and you are able to park here for free. It is a small road, which doesn’t look like much, and it is located before you pass by Myklatun Camping. This is where the trail starts.


1. Låtefossen

Låtefossen waterfall is a 165-meter big twin waterfall that runs under a beautiful old bridge and out into the river on the other side of the road. It’s a well-visited waterfall with opportunity to park right next to it for free. It can be busy with tourists, so be prepared to have to wait for an available parking spot.

  • Where: Hordaland, Norway
  • When: All year
  • Parking: Free, right next to the waterfall

2. Vidfossen

A beautiful waterfall located in the land of a local farmer. The waterfall can be seen from the main road.

  • Where: Hordaland, Norway
  • When: All year
  • Parking: No parking available, unless you stop on the side of the main road.

3. Steindalsfossen

A 50 meter big waterfall with opportunity to walk behind the massive amounts of water running down the cliffs. Steindalsfossen is a perfect waterfall to visit on your drive from Odda to Bergen, if you take the famous National tourist Route Hardanger.

  • Where: Vestland, Norway
  • When: All year
  • Approximately time: 10-15 minutes roundtrip
  • Elevation: 51 meters (167 feet)
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Cell service: Yes
  • Washrooms: Yes
  • What to bring: Camera
  • Parking: Free parking available. It can be touristy, so be prepared for possibly having to wait a bit to get a parking spot.

What to do in Bergen:

Bergen is a charming city with urban character that brings you a small-town vibe. Bergen is the second largest city in Norway but can easily be explored in 2 days. Below is a list of things to see and do while in Bergen!


An experience you can’t miss while in Bergen! Fløibanen is an old cable car that takes you 320 meters (1.050 ft) above the city to Fløyen. Once you reach the top, there is plenty of opportunity to do both short and long hikes as well as see some mountain goats or eat at the restaurant with a view.

Here are the online ticket prices as of 2020:

Return tickets from January 1st till April 30th

  • Adults (16+ years): 100 NOK
  • Senior (67+ years): 50 NOK
  • Children (4-15 years): 50 NOK
  • Children (0-3 years): Free

Return tickets from May 1st till August 31st

  • Adults (16+ years): 125 NOK
  • Seniors (67+ years): No discount available in peak season. The price is 125 NOK
  • Children (4-15 years): 65 NOK
  • Children (0-3 years): Free

Return tickets from September 1st till December 31st

  • Adults (16+ years): 95 NOK
  • Senior (67+ years): 45 NOK
  • Children (4-15 years): 45 NOK
  • Children (0-3 years): Free

You can buy your tickets HERE.


Bryggen is a historical old harbor district and also one of the main attractions in Bergen. The front façade of Bryggen is very welcoming with the beautiful colored houses located along the harbor. Walking down the small cozy alleys in the back is like taking a step back in time. There is a variety of unique local shops, galleries and cafés that are definitely worth a visit during your stroll in the small valleys.

Fun fact: Bryggen has made it to UNESCO’s World Heritage List and the city of Bergen is a nominated World Heritage City.

Where to eat in Bergen:

Fish Me Fish Market
Do you like fresh fish? Then you must put the “Fish Me Fish Market” on your list! It is a local fish market that has been ther for more than 30 years. It is an extremely popular place to eat, so if you want to be sure to get a table, then you need to make a booking 1-2 days in advance. If you’ve rented a place in Bergen with the ability to cook your own food, then you can also just buy some fish at the Fish Market to bring home and cook for dinner.

Villani Skostredet
If you feel like having an Italian night, the restaurant called “Villani Skostredet” is the place to be! They serve homemade pizzas made on the best pizza crust you will ever taste along with a lot of other delicious pasta dishes. If you’re just up for a late-night cocktail, they do a pretty good job at making cocktails as well, that can be enjoyed in the cozy lounge area outside.
It is a popular restaurant that is located on a small cozy street close to the harbor, so be sure to book a table in advance!

Vafleriet is a Street Food Van parked at the market on “Torget”. The waffles themselves are not too sweet, which I personally liked, but that also means they taste the best with soft ice, chocolate sauce and fresh berries on top! A perfect late-night snack before heading back to your hotel/AirBnB.