The #1 best city to visit in 2019 is Copenhagen – according to the globetrotters at Lonely Planet.

Copenhagen is a diverse city full of places to see and things to do. It is a modern city with many world-known designers, but with a twist of the old architecture and a lot of history. If you decide to visit Copenhagen be prepared to rent a bike and experience the city getting around like a local. Danish people are some of the happiest people in the world, so if you do not know your way around or if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask the locals.

Below are listed some places worth visiting in Copenhagen:

  1. Nyhavn
  2. Christianshavn
  3. Rosenborg Castle
  4. Amalienborg Castle
  5. Christiansborg Palace
  6. Strøget
  7. Frederiksberg Garden
  8. Tivoli
  9. Gråbrødretorv
  10. Parforcejagtlandskabet (Eremitageslottet)
  11. Magstræde
  12. Christiana

1. Nyhavn


You have probably already heard of Nyhavn if you are planning on going to Copenhagen. Nyhavn is a magnet attracting all the tourists and is one of the most photographed places in Copenhagen. Its beautiful colored houses make up for some pretty good and lively pictures. This is a place where the many tourists is part of the experience. The many tourists is what creates the lively and happy atmosphere at Nyhavn. Once you get tired of all the crowds, walk down the street called “Store Strandstræde” and get yourself some delicious truffle fries at “The Union Kitchen”. I promise you, you will feel very satisfied afterwards! These fries are better than your imagination allows you to imagine.

2. Christianshavn


Christianshavn is known for its cute cobblestoned roads, colourful houses and the canal with the many boats. Here you can rent a boat, grab a cup of coffee or some lunch by the canals or go to the well-visited bubble waffle ice cream store called “Munchies”.

3. Rosenborg Castle


One of the prettiest castles in Copenhagen! Rosenborg Castle was designed in the 1600 with some beautiful architectural details. If you wish you can pay to go inside the castle or you could just enjoy the gorgeous view from the “Rose Garden” for free right outside the castle. The castle is located in the garden called “Kings Garden”, which is a popular place to hang out for the locals during the summer. Remember, in Denmark it’s legal to drink alcohol in public, so feel free to enjoy a beer here in Kings Garden. A lot of young people usually do this and do barbeque here as well in the summer, so you will not be alone!

4. Amalienborg Castle


Did you know that Denmark has a queen? Amalienborg Castle is the Danish Queens residence, so if you’re interested in royal history this is the place for you to visit! The palace is divided into 4 sections, where 2 of them are open to public. And every day at noon, there is the change of the royal life guards, which you do not want to miss out on if you are planning on visiting the palace! And behind Amalienborg Castle you have a beautiful church worth a visit as well now that you are already there.

5. Christiansborg Tower

The reason why Christiansborg Tower made it on the list is because:

  1. It is the tallest tower in Copenhagen, which makes it a pretty good lookout point
  2. It is free to enter the tower

If you want to add a bit of spice to your experience, you can top it up with a dining experience at the restaurant located in the top of the tower

6. Strøget

Strøget is known as one of the longest shopping streets in Europe, and has everything to offer from Zara to Mulberry, Prada, Gucci etc. A good tip to get a beautiful view of the streets of Copenhagen is to head to the rooftop bars and restaurants of the shopping mall Illum, and get yourself a drink, cup of coffee, food or anything you desire.

7. Frederiksberg Garden

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Frederiksberg Garden is one of the biggest parks in Copenhagen. It is great for a morning run, an afternoon walk or a photo trip to capture the beautiful reflections in the different lakes around the park.

8. Tivoli


Tivoli is a big theme park located right in the heart of Copenhagen. It’s one of the most visited attractions in the city and is known for its beautiful decorations. Especially during Halloween and Christmas time. Tivoli offers something for everybody; children, adults, thrill seekers, food lovers, everything you can possibly think of!

To purchase the tickets online or check out any other prices click the link below:

9. Gråbrødretorv


A cute little square with different cafés to choose from. It also makes a perfect location for a few Instagram pictures.

10. Parforcejagtlandskabet


Are you a wildlife lover? Head to Parforcejagtlandskabet and enjoy the quietness and the sounds of the birds singing, while being surrounded by wild deers and stags. In the middle of the park you will see the beautiful old castle called “Eremitageslottet”.

11. Magstræde


A favourite street for many photographers! Magstræde is a calm street with absolutely beautiful tall colourful buildings and a cobblestoned road. It’s such a charming old street, and a perfect place for any photographers or instagrammers wanting to capture the beautiful architectural atmosphere of Copenhagen, as there’s hardly ever any people walking down this street. If you feel like having some good Italian food, pop your head inside the restaurant called “Gorm’s”. They make some of the best pizzas and tapas in town!

12. Christiania

Christiania is for those who are interested in experiencing something different. Christiania is an alternative “hippie-community” known for the street called “Pusher Street”, where you are able to buy hash if that is something you are into. Many people also go there just for the experience. You do not need to buy anything to go there. If you go to Pusher Street be aware that the locals have formed their own rules, which you should respect. You should not take pictures, run or talk on your cellphone on or around Pusher Street. It is run by criminals, so you do not want to get on the wrong foot with someone out there. But do not be scared to visit Christiania despite these facts. In fact, it is one of the most visited attractions in Copenhagen along with Tivoli. Around 500.000 people visit Christiana each year.