London, one of the worlds most visited cities!  When in London the most iconic places to visit are Big Ben, London Eye, Oxford Street etc.  While these places are totally worth a visit there are also a lot of other places to see when in London. This guide will provide you with a lot of cute cafés and Instagram-worthy places to see that are not as touristy as the iconic tourist attractions.

Most instagrammable places

Bywater street
A small street with beautiful pastel coloured houses in Chelsea. Do you want to add a splash of colour to your day? Drop by this street and admire how cute the houses are! It is also a perfect street for instagrammers to take some cute pictures since there is not that many people walking there.

Les Senteurs
A small perfumery located on 71 Elizabeth Street in Victoria. This boutique will blow away your mind with its gorgeous flower decoration on the front facade.

Hyde Park
This is London’s version of “Central Park”, and a perfect place to go to if you need a “city-break”.

Moyses Stevens
Flowers, flowers and flowers everywhere! It is a flower shop in Victoria that is different from other flower shops, as the whole ceiling is beautifully covered with artificial flowers inside as well as outside.

Cute cafés 

Saint Aymes
A favourite instagrammable café! The beautiful interior and the cute little treats will perfectly help boost your likes on Instagram. Every single detail has been taken into consideration when creating this place. They have pink unicorn lattes, pastel coloured cupcakes and a lot of cute cookies! Saint Aymes definitely makes you feel like a Disney princess.

Peggy Porschen
Calling all pink lovers! Peggy Porschen is a cute café, located on 116 Ebury Street in Victoria, with picture worthy cupcakes and lattes! This place is really popular and gets really crowded sometimes. If you want to avoid the crowds go early in the morning and avoid going on the weekends.

Flower shaped ice creams! YES, you read it correctly! The ice cream is so beautiful that you almost feel bad eating it, but it is delicious!
Location: 67A Kings Rd in Chelsea

This is yet another cute café. Their selection of cakes and sweets is huge, and the interior is beautiful as well. A very well visited café by instagrammers as well. The only critique of this café is the overpriced items on the menu.

All of these places are located fairly close to each other, which makes it nice and easy to walk from one location to another, and can be done in less than 24 hours.

If you only have 24 hours in London, here is a suggestion on which order to do it in:

  1. Go for a morning latte and/or cake at Peggy Porschen
  2. Walk by Les Senteurs and Moyses Stevens
  3. Go for a little stroll on Bywater Street
  4. Continue down Kings Rd and take an unexpected left or right turn here and there, and you will discover beautiful British styled streets. You will also have a bit of time to do some shopping here and grab a sandwich or something!
  5. Go to Amorino for an ice cream and walk through Hyde Park on your way to the next cute café! (Depending on how hungry you are and how much money you want to spend on café treats, Elan Café is located right before you enter Hyde Park, if you want to stop by)
  6. Go get yourself a unicorn latte at Saint Aymes!

Below are some pictures of the different places


Bywater Street
London bywater street
Bywater Street
Les Senteurs
Moyses Stevens
Saint Aymes
Saint Aymes1
Saint Aymes
Peggy Porschen
Peggy Porschen
Elan Café
Elan Café