Glamping at Sonnerupgaard

Have you ever dreamed of trying a luxurious way of camping in the middle of the forest? If yes, then Sonnerupgaard is the place to go. Sonnerupgaard provides you with everything you need to make your nature-stay as comfortable as possible! The glamping tents at Sonnerupgaard are decorated with the focus of making it as “hyggeligt” as possible, and in my opinion, they successfully managed at doing this. So, if you are on the look for an unforgettable and unique experience, just outside of Copenhagen, then this glamping experience at Sonnerupgaard Gods is what you need to add to your bucket list!

The price of a stay:

From 1.495 DKK per night (including breakfast).

Glamping Tent features:

When you arrive at the parking lot, your breakfast and cooling elements will be ready in a fridge and freezer for you to pick up and bring to the tent. In the glamping tent, a queen-sized bed with pillows and duvet covers will be ready for you. You will furthermore find various kitchen items, such as instant coffee, tea, salt, pepper, a cooling box, cutlery, plates, glasses, cutting boards, knives, kitchen equipment for cooking over the bonfire etc. There will also be plenty of blankets available for use, and when it’s below 10 degrees Celsius outside you will find a gas burner in the tent to be used to heat it up.

A short walk from the glamping tent you will find common washroom facilities, as well as some wood to be picked up and used for the bonfire.

Included in the stay is:

  • Breakfast with delicious various items. An example of what the breakfast basket can consist of is: Eggs, juices, milk, nutella, jam, butter, yoghurt w. müsli, müsli bars, honey, and homemade buns
  • Coffee/tea is available in the kitchenette in the tent
  • Grill equipment for the bonfire is provided at the camp, as well as plates and cutlery.
  • Free parking at Sonnerupgaard Gods
  • A bed which is already made upon arrival.
  • A small wagon to carry your luggage in when walking from the parking lot to the glamping tent.
  • Cooler elements to be taken from the freezer at the parking lot, which is to be used for the cooler in your tent.
  • A water tank, which can be filled with cold drinking water at the parking lot where you park your car.

Good tip: There are no power outlets in the Glamping Tents, so bring a portable charger if you want/need to charge your phone during your stay!

Add ons:

Grill-yourself menu: You can add on a grill menu, which is to be grilled by yourself on the bonfire at the glamping tent. You can choose between a grill menu with meat or a vegetarian menu. The menus change from day to day, but I can assure you that you will be positively surprised by the menu items received! Furthermore, there is no need to wonder if you will be full or not because there is PLENTY of food included in this menu!

Prices for the ‘grill-yourself menu’ are as follows:
– Adult: 245 DKK
– Child (6-11 years old): 113 DKK

Danish “Snobrød”: 65 DKK for a portion for 2 people.
– Popcorn: 50 DKK for a portion for 2 people.
– S’mores: 75 DKK for a big portion of s’mores for 2 people
– Lemonade: 65 DKK for a 75cl bottle.
– Bobbles: 250 DKK for a 70cl bottle of Cava.
– White wine: 175 DKK for a 70cl bottle.
– Danish Rosé wine: 150 DKK for 70cl bottle.

Where are the Glamping Tents located?

The glamping tents are located a 5–10 minute walk from Sonnerupgaard Gods, which is a large estate located in the middle of the beautiful national park called ‘Skjoldungernes Nationalpark’. There’s plenty of opportunities to go for walks or longer hikes!
Inspiration on what to do, can be found HERE.

Activities in the area:

Are you seeking fun and adventurous activities that will get your excitement up? And would you like to get a close-up experience of the first national park established on Sjælland? Then an ATV-Safari in Skjoldungernes Nationalpark is what you want to add to your itinerary! Outdoor Action has the biggest off-road ATV trails on Sjælland, located right in the heart of Skjoldungernes Nationalpark. Furthermore, Outdoor Action is among some of the few companies in Denmark who offers guided off-road ATV-tours.

On an ATV-Safari with Outdoor Action you will drive through a hilly and scenic terrain, where you will get to experience the true power of these machines while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Skjoldungernes Nationalpark! Whether it is your first time driving an ATV or you are an experienced driver, the guides from Outdoor Action will take good care of you and make sure to match the trails and speed to your level of skills.

Prices – 80 minutes ATV-Safari:
1 Adult (1 ATV): 790 DKK per person
– 1 Adult + Child on the same ATV (Age 6-15 years old): 1.090 DKK per ATV
– 2 Adults on the same ATV: 1.250 DKK per ATV
– Group of 4 people: 650 DKK per ATV

Included: A helmet, a long sleeved suit for rainy days and a professional guide.

Book your ATV-Safari HERE!

Below, you will find various pictures of the Glamping tent and its features, as well as pictures showcasing different parts of the ATV-Safari!

Located in the middle of the forest
Camp "Ask"
Beautiful surroundings!
Such a cozy lounge area!
Cozy interior details
Inside the Glamping Tent
The kitchenette
A basket full of extra blankets
Grill-yourself menu at the camp
Dinner being grilled on the bonfire
Speedy and fun part of the ATV-Safari
Slow and enjoyable part of the ATV-Safari